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Let a corn-fed Midwestern country boy tell you about the real VietNam.

A Little History
What happened after 1975?

Modern VietNam
Blue Jeans, Motorcycles, and Music Videos

Images of the USA
How the Vietnamese see America


Ready to take the Big Adventure?

Odds and ends

My VietNam
Observations & Ruminations

GI VietNam
OK, so where's the war stuff?

NAM! You know it all so well...
Napalm & burning villages. Body Bags. Agent Orange. Viet Cong. The images are still burned into the mind of an entire nation. Even in the last election, Presidental candidates trading barbs over who did what during the war. Always the fear anywhere our military gets involved: another VietNam. Americans are haunted by the place.

Wake up and smell the Vietnamese coffee (world's 2nd largest coffee exporter):
  • Vietnamese people LOVE Americans! There is NO resentment or hostility whatsoever.
  • It is a totally exotic place, yet very open and accessible:
    • It's CHEAP
    • The food is great
    • it's a gorgeous tropical country, with tons of coastline
    • An ancient and interesting culture
    • People are extremely friendly and hospitable.
  • Ironically, given the popular image, it's extremely safe, and with NO Middle-Eastern related extremism concerns whatsoever!


So, it's time for Americans to become re-acquainted with Viet Nam...and even come back!
   But we do it a bit differently this time; now, we're here to PARTY (Vietnamese love to socialize) and do BUSINESS (they like to make money too). No hard feelings, bury the hatchet, Vietnamese people spend very little time looking backwards. VietNam is one of the most capitalistic places on the planet, it seems like the whole country is one big flea market.

We honor the memory of fallen warriors from both sides
Feel free to send a note to reedsch@hotmail.com with questions, comments, sound offs, flames, or arguments (in the Aristotlean sense).

Last updated: 9 JUN 2009