CUSTOMER REVIEWS FOR UNCLE HO'S SANDALS: (some from the people who know best: GI's who were in 'Nam.)

This is Archie again and would like to order another pair of sandals. Anyway they're great ! Totally Cool..........Always have been so comfortable, even since over there!

Got my sandals today and they are great. Thanks for providing a fond memory from the past. John

Reed, I received the sandals yesterday. Perfect fit, just like the ones I had when I was in Vietnam in 1969. Reqards, Paul

I thank you again. I am working over here as diplomatic security for the US embassy in Baghdad any way thanks again have a wonderfull day

Hey Reed,
Just thought I'd leave some feedback on the tire sandals I ordered at the beginning of the summer. I absolutely love them. No other footwear touched my feet the whole summer. I live in the appalachians, and put many hard miles on them hiking and camping. I waded the creeks fishing in them, I worked knee deep in mud wearing them, and I wore them when I went out to town. Whenever people ask me about my peculiar sandals, I proudly told them what they are. Sadly it's turning cold here, and I'll have to retire them until next year, but I look forward to slipping them on again and heading out to the wilderness. Thanks for the quality product and the excellent and speedy service!
Caleb Baker, Tennessee

Hi Reed, thank you for getting back so soon its nice to chat with a person that is friendly! Yes, I served with 2nd Batallion 26 Marines we worked up north near the dmz and also down west of Da Nang. Thank You Reed, and will chat later !!! Frank

My wife wants me to thank you as she said I smiled. I don't do that much. I thank you too. Stay Safe and Be Safe, Semper Fi Airman, Nick

Reed, the sandals arrived today! Thanks a million, I have them on as I write this missive, I'm happier than a puppy with two peckers! Charles

hello. i got the sandels WOW ! they ar cool , thank's a lot! greetz from rick

Hi Reed, how are you my sandals came today they are cool thanks for that. Bill

Hey Reed, I got the sandals yesterday, and they fit perfectly! I'm very happy with them, they're much better than the last pair I had. The straps are easy to adjust too, my last pair was impossible. I like the fact that they're made out of real tires as well. Thanks a lot, next time I need a pair I'm definately getting them from you! Good quality for a good price. Thanks Reed! - Blake

I appreciate it Reed. You have a great website and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Take care, Caleb

Reed, thanks so much. The sandles arrived this a.m. diane

See, a friend of mine just couldn't live without a pair of these and he was green with envy when I showed him what I was about to get *grins*. Hello Mr. Reed! First of all... I now got the ABSOLUTE COOLEST SANDLES IN TOWN! =) Be well my friend and take good care. I'm very happy with my sandles and rest asure you will soon hear from me again in this matter. Yours Truely, Johan (Sweden)

Hello Reed, I received the sandals today from 'Nam, very nice. Thanks for being so prompt - I truly appreciate it. Robert

Hi Reed, I got the sandals and my brother in law wants a pair too...he'll be getting in touch with wishes friend.

Hi Reed san, Sandals arrived today. Thank you ! Toru (Japan)

I am very excited to have found someone with these shoes. Thank you for your time. Koren

Reed, Yes I did. Thank you so much for the follow up. I apologize for not confirming sooner. They fit and feel great! Mike